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Timeless… Elegant… Wood Flooring

How To Get Beautiful Wood Floors In Northern Virginia

Wood Flooring VA

Think your floors don’t make a difference? Think again. Hardwood floors add so much beauty, warmth, and character to your home, but did you know that according to a recent real estate agent survey, houses with wood flooring in Northern Virginia sell faster and for a higher price than houses without wood floors.

Wood floors are ideal for any space you wish to create a continuous flooring option for open floor plans. They’re not only attractive in large quantity in their own right, but you can layer rugs, if you’re so inclined, as to create a more intimate arrangement throughout the room.

Today’s choices offer a vast range of finishes to choose from as well as over 50 species of wood, both domestic and imported; Oak and maple are among the easiest and least expensive to obtain. Other more expensive types, like American black walnut, are also available, but less accessible.

No Fuss. No Muss.

When it comes to cleaning, wood is an awesome option! It’s easy-maintenance when treated with a durable finish, such as urethane, which withstands high-traffic. When wood floors are sealed, they’re protected from water splashes, etc… and don’t require waxing. Just sweep and mop. Also, wood is allergen-free unlike its counterpart, tile. If you’re looking for the very definition of low maintenance, wood floors in Ashburn, Alexandria, and Fairfax are the way to go.

Wear-Resistant… Long-Lasting…

…Solid hardwood planks, made from single pieces of wood, are quite sturdy, and recommended for any level of your home that is above or on ground level. However, it is not suggested for below-grade installation as regular exposure to humidity and moisture may cause the wood to warp. Also, solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished three to four times, unlike engineered wood which may only be sanded once or twice, depending on the thickness of the veneer.

Engineered wood flooring contains a wood veneer which is applied to a plywood-like base featuring perpendicular layers of wood. This stabilizes the product and creates a material that can be laid in areas, such as the basement, where solid wood would not be appropriate. And, although engineered wood floors can’t be sanded more than once or twice, they can be buffed and polished as often as needed.

Strips or Planks…?

Wood flooring typically comes in strips or planks. Plank flooring pieces are wide (3 to 6 inches in width) and often have an antique-look, showing off their natural wood grain. They are more expensive, and less common than strip flooring, which consists of boards less than 2 ½ to 3 inches wide.

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