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Your Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

Posted on January 4, 2018

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Getting your kitchen remodel off on the right foot is as easy as a simple checklist. There are a few major areas that your contractor and design team will go over with you when you begin your kitchen remodeling in Ashburn.

Color scheme is often one of the last things that people think about when they’re planning a kitchen remodel but it’s actually one of the most influential elements of the entire project. The color scheme will be carried throughout your kitchen and will affect everything from backsplash to flooring. Choosing your color scheme first can set the tone for the rest of the remodel. Luckily, though, almost any color can look great in a kitchen so don’t be afraid to go bold if that’s your heart’s desire.

Your cabinets are going to be one of the biggest investments in your kitchen. Cabinets come in so many styles. You’ll want to consider door style, material, color, and finish when choosing your cabinets; and that’s just the exterior. You’ll also want to consider what special features you want inside of your cabinets such as a trash pullout, a spice drawer or rack, or wine storage. If you choose a remodeling company that only works with quality manufacturers, like Elements Home Remodeling does, all of these options will be available.

With countertops, you’ll want to think about if you prefer a certain look or texture. The most popular choices are laminate, quartz, granite, and marble. You can also choose a classic butcher block or a unique concrete countertop.

Although you might want to coordinate your flooring, backsplash, and countertops, it is not always necessary. The backsplash is one place that it’s appropriate to get creative. Interesting and even bold backsplashes can complement your kitchen. Ask your design team to show you some backsplashes that would look good with your flooring and countertop selections.

When choosing appliances for your kitchen remodel, remember that they will greatly impact the entire design of your kitchen.  Appliances are not just functional but are considered an important element in the overall design scheme. The styles and colors vary immensely and it’s wise to take your time and choose carefully.

Kitchen flooring can include ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, concrete, and carpet. For some high-end kitchens, you will see granite, marble, and even bamboo floors. Wood flooring is also a popular flooring choice for kitchens, especially when you choose a natural wood look as the design style for your cabinets.  Keep in mind that you not only want a flooring choice that compliments the rest of your kitchen but is also easy to maintain.

Although windows are generally considered a part of the overall home design, when we’re talking about kitchen remodeling, windows are just another aspect that may need to be included. You don’t want to completely redo your kitchen to perfection and leave a drab window as a distraction from the rest of the beauty. Awning windows and sliders are both good window choices for kitchens. You might even consider a bay window to create a cozy breakfast nook.

Elements Home Remodeling has contractors and a design team that can help you go over all of the items on your kitchen remodeling checklist to ensure that every detail is perfect. Call for your consultation today.

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