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Windows Bring The Outdoors Inside in Arlington

Posted on April 26, 2018

Window Company Arlington VA

When you start thinking about summertime, your mind usually drifts toward the outdoors, but sometimes the outdoors doesn't cooperate with our entertaining plans. The weather (as can bugs) can make a mess of outdoor plans on a summer night. When you think about making plans for the summer, a good place to start is indoors. You can make a dependable place to entertain with a few simple changes to your home.

A Simple Change

A change that will bring the outdoors into your home is a few simple window replacements. You can turn an indoor room into an extension of the outside by replacing your windows that shut out the outside world with new windows from a window company in Arlington VA. Now, instead of shutting out the outside world, you can open your home to the beauty of nature. 

Walls Of Windows

You can choose from many styles of windows to bring the outdoors in. If you have a deck outside of your home, you may want to start with French doors to make an entertaining area that is easily accessible from the inside of your home. A great choice in windows that will complement French doors are side light windows. These windows are long and narrow and are an excellent complement to French doors because you can have the opening on the side, as a casement window does, to allow for a more airy, open feel to your room.

Creating A Panoramic View

If you want, you can line a whole wall with French doors to allow complete access to the outside area of your home. If you line a wall with French doors, a style of windows that will add to the panoramic view you have created is a transom window. A transom window is a narrow window that is lying horizontally above a window. Usually, a transom window is the same length as the width of your French door. Transom windows can even be arched-topped to have an added amount of architectural design. You can make a complete wall of windows by having a window company in Arlington VA install your windows and make your entertaining area feel like it is as big as the outdoors.

When A Little Change Makes A Big Difference

You may not want to make a wall of windows - maybe just a small amount of the outdoors is all you desire in your home. There are several small ways to bring the outdoors into your home without feeling like you are actually outside. Maybe you want just a little more fresh air in your master suite. One way of doing this is by adding a bay window to your home. A bay window is the perfect way to bring more fresh air into any room of your home. A bay window adds extra ventilation and light to any area of your home. You can add a reading nook in your living room with a bay window. A master bedroom can have a sweet sitting area in front of a bay window. 

The installation process is fun when you opt for a bay window because you can choose different kinds of windows for the front and the sides of it. You might want a solid pane to give yourself a great view, and then put casement or single hung windows on each side to give you the ability to have added ventilation to your room. Sometimes, you can just change a small area of your home to bring in just the amount of the outdoors that suits you. 

Keep It Cool

As summer approaches, and the heat that comes with it, it is important when adding windows to your home to choose windows that are energy efficient. By choosing new windows throughout your home you can save money on your energy bills. You can not only bring the outdoors into your home, you can cool it down with windows that make your home easier to cool. 

Summer is right around the corner. You will want an easy to cool home that brings the outdoors inside to you and your guests. Elements Home Remodeling has the styles of windows that can make your home an energy-efficient, indoor/outdoor place to be. We can replace your windows with energy-efficient windows that will not only lower your cooling costs, but add beauty to your home. We do quality work that you will be proud to have in your home. So call us today at Elements Home Remodeling for your free consultation at (703) 828-7414.

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