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Window Replacement VS Repair: What to Choose When?

If your windows are worn out, the wood is rotting and the seals are broken you will want to fix them as soon as possible. You are confused whether to get it repaired or replaced. While in some cases a repair is enough to serve the purpose, in others a complete replacement of the window is necessary to get the issue fixed. Find out some of the most common problems with windows and whether they need a repair or a replacement.

Rotten wood: Wood rots if it is not painted or primed correctly. This also happens due to inadequate seasoning and due to excessive exposure to heat and rain. Minor damages can be fixed with a repair but in case the frames are completely rotten then replacing the windows becomes indispensable.

Broken panes: Cracks, scratches and chips on your window panes can appear due to storm damage or the use of harsh cleansers. If you have vinyl windows installed in your home replacing them is a good option. For the vintage windows you can consider a repair because replacing them can cost you big bucks.

Broken seals: Seals can be damaged by heat induced contractions and expansions. Repairing broken seals is the recommended solution. All you need to do is install a new sash and increase the life of the window.

Cranky windows: Cranky windows fail to open and shut smoothly. This happens due to the gradual gathering of dirt in the window tracks. Replacing the window is a better choice but you can also go for a repair if the parts that need a replacement are hard to find.

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Posted on April 20, 2015.