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What Storms Can Do To Your Roof

Posted on July 19, 2018

Loudoun County Roof Replacement

There's a reason why we refer to homes as "keeping a roof over your head." The roof is by far the most important part of your house. Without a solid roof, you are exposed to the whims of the external world. Therefore, keeping your roof in good condition is an important part of being a homeowner.

Although over time your roof may experience damage from the sun, nothing can cause as much immediate and catastrophic harm to the roof than a storm. Not all storms will cause roof damage, but severe weather has the highest chance of causing your roof to need repair. Knowing how your roof can be affected by such storms is the first step in ensuring your roof's security. Being aware of what to look for can also help you identify issues earlier. Repairing your roof as soon as the damage is spotted can prevent further incidents from occurring, which can ultimately save you money in the long run. But just what can a storm do to your roof?

Wind Damage

One of the most harmful parts of a severe storm is the wind. Depending on the level of gusts and the direction of the wind, your roof could lose shingles or worse. High winds can remove some shingles from your roof. If the shingles weren't installed correctly or they are on the older side and haven't been maintained, they can be susceptible to being lifted off of the roof by severe winds. Wind shear can also remove the protective coating on the shingles, called granules. Granules will gradually wear off over a long period of time due to sun exposure, but high winds can quicken this process. Granules are important as they protect your roof from UVA/UVB rays and help with the water resistance of your roof. 

In extreme cases, like a hurricane or a tornado, wind can completely lift the roof off of your house. In Loudoun County, these severe storms are rare. It is good, however, to know that this is something that can happen. In the highly unlikely case that a tornado or hurricane is coming toward your home, you should know that evacuation is often the wisest course.

Hail Damage

Hail is not always a part of the severe weather that occurs in Loudoun County. It has been known to occur, however. Should you experience a hail storm, or hail as part of a thunderstorm, you should inspect your roof as soon as the storm is over. Most roofs are built to withstand damage from small hailstones. When the hail reaches over an inch in diameter, your roof most likely will begin to sustain damage. Different roofing materials will show different signs of damage, but there are some basic things you can look for. The biggest indicator that your roof sustained damage is if there are broken shingles or tiles. This will typically happen around the shingle or tile edge. Dents or dimples, like pock marks, are another sign of hail damage. Broken or damaged shingles or tiles should be replaced to maintain your roof's integrity.

Professional Help

When it comes to the health of your roof, it is always better to be safer than not. Any damage your roof may have received during severe weather can harm your roof over time, if not immediately addressed. Let us inspect your roof, and, if needed, offer assistance with repairs or a whole roof replacement. No matter what type of help you need with your roof, we are here for you! Feel free to contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (703) 828-7414 to put your mind at ease.

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