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3 Things That Happen When You Wait to Replace Your Roof

Posted on February 21, 2019

Northern VA Roof Replacement

Let's face it - one of the worst parts about being a homeowner is the constant struggle to keep your house maintained. After purchasing your Northern Virginia home, you become responsible for making sure your home is in top shape, in order to protect your family and your belongings. But life gets busy, and there are always excuses that can be easily made - funds are tight at the moment, there isn't the time to schedule a repair, no bad weather has come through recently, so an inspection is not needed, etc. But no matter what excuse you can come up with, know that putting off roof maintenance and replacement, can do more harm than good. The following are just a few ways that avoiding dealing with your roof can adversely affect your home.

Animal and Bug Infestation

As your roof gets older, cracks and holes can begin to form in the tiles and shingles. Even microscopic holes, which are invisible to the untrained eye, can allow insects to infiltrate your home. Bugs can cause a whole variety of issues, from bites and irritations to structural damage to your home's foundation or insulation. Additionally, small animals can manage to wend their way through the smallest spaces, and can begin to nest and burrow in your roof or your home's insulation. Having animals running throughout your home's walls can cause a whole host of problems, from electrical and plumbing issues, to physical holes being created in your walls. Cracks in your roof's shingles or tiles, if left untreated or unreplaced, can grow larger over time, which can pave the way for even bigger creatures to enter your home, causing more problems. 

Increased Energy Costs 

A well-maintained roof is one of the best defences your home has against energy loss. The right type of roofing material can greatly reduce the energy costs associated with heating or cooling your home. The more your roof cracks or divots, however, the more susceptible it is to releasing the air from your home. As more air escapes, more air will need to be cooled or heated, thus driving up your home's energy costs. Keeping your roof in good condition, and replacing it when necessary, will ensure your home has optimal energy efficiency.

Water Damage

Perhaps the greatest risk a damaged roof will have to your home is the potential for water damage that can occur with broken or split roofing tiles or shingles. A leak in your home's roof may not be immediately noticeable. It can form slowly and increase in size over time. This means that your roof - and home - could have been absorbing water for a lot longer than you originally thought. While the dangers of a leaking roof can be obvious (property damage, foundation damage, etc.) the real threat could be something even worse. If a slower leak is present, your roof could become infested with mold. Getting rid of mold is an extremely expensive and time-intensive endeavor. Therefore, you will want to make sure your home's roof is replaced or repaired immediately, should an issue be found upon inspection.

Professional Help

No matter if your home's roof needs to be replaced, repaired, or just inspected, we are the right choice for you. Our roofing professionals have the knowledge and experience to treat your roof with the care it deserves and requires. Additionally, we offer a competitive, full warranty of all our work, so you know your roof is in good hands with us. If you are ready to get started or have questions about your roofing needs, you can contact us for a free estimate by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (703) 828-7414 today!

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