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Remodeling Wood Floors With Elements Home Remodeling

Posted on March 28, 2018

Elements Home Remodeling

When you walk into your home, how do your floors look? Do they have a clean feel to them? Are your floors made from a hard to keep clean material? Are they are outdated? Whatever the problem with your floors is, Elements Home Remodeling can make your floors a dream to clean and look at.

Why choose wood?

There are lots of reason to choose hardwood floors for your home. Wood floors are timeless. They make a home sell much faster. Wood floors go with any decor style so you will attract more potential buyers because wood floors cover so many styles of homes. A farmhouse style home almost always has hardwood floors. A craftsman style home is just not a craftsman without hardwood floors. Even very chic modern homes look fabulous with hardwood floors. Whatever your style, the designers at Elements Home Remodeling can help you choose the hardwood floor that compliments your style.

What kind of wood?

Choosing the kind of wood for your home remodel will be so much fun. You can choose from over 50 kinds of hardwoods. You may want a light colored pine floor. There is also maple, oak, walnut and so many other choices. The decision of the kind of wood you want will come easy when you tell the designer what your dream floor looks like. Maybe you want a wide plank whitewashed pine floor to go with your country dream home. You might be into a ranch style home that would look awesome with an oak floor that took you back to a western movie that you have watched time and again. If your dream home is a modern chic style, maybe a black walnut or oak stained a deep, dark rich color will take the home that you have only imagined to a reality.

Wood Finishes

The hardwood floor you choose can be shiny and super durable plus easy-to-clean if you choose to have a sealant applied to your new wood floors. Your new hardwood floors will be there for years to come. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished time and again if you want an easy decor change. You might want a less shiny effect with your wood floors. Ranch style houses sometimes look better with wood floors that are not as shiny but are still very easy to keep clean. There are lots of sizes of wood, whether it be wide planks of wood or a more traditional narrow piece of wood that lends its size to a bygone era, you can capture that style you are going for with hardwood floors. A very popular wood floor is whitewashed planks for that beach house look. Imagine waking up each morning and feeling a beach house floor under your feet. The choice is yours.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of hardwood floor you might want, the team at Elements Home Remodeling is always ready to help take you through each step of your home remodel. We have years of experience in hardwood flooring installation and we will be happy to show you all the choices that can make the floors in your home the floors you have dreamed of. So call today to talk with one of our wood flooring experts.

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