Open Layouts & Aesthetic Improvements Drive Kitchen Projects
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Open Layouts & Aesthetic Improvements Drive Kitchen Projects

When it comes to kitchens, bigger isn't necessarily better – at least according to a new survey conducted by The Fall Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey, which polled more than 7,500 consumers about their kitchen remodeling plans and progress, showed that while the majority of consumers aren't expanding their kitchens, they are favoring open kitchen plans.

In fact, while only one-third say they plan to expand their kitchen square footage, a whopping 77% of those polled say their kitchen remodel involves opening up the space to other rooms of the house. Consistent with the open-space design, some 61% of survey respondents note that they are incorporating an island into their kitchen design. As far as their remodeling motivation, reasons cited were all over the map, from major life changes to natural disasters to a simple desire for an updated look. However, when asked about their primary reason for remodeling, aesthetics still topped the list, with 79% of those polled citing "an improved look and feel" as a key motivator behind their remodel (see Graph 1). However, functionality was also a strong factor, with 59% of survey respondents citing "improved function" as a primary reason for the remodel, 52% noting updated appliances and 48% saying improved storage was key.

Other factors cited as key motivators for remodeling included increasing the home's value (38%), creating an open floor plan (36%), improving the entertaining space (33%) and adapting to a changing lifestyle (23%). Less critical, yet still cited by 12% of those polled, was the desire to increase energy efficiency. Additionally, what consumers are giving up in added size they seem to be putting into getting their dream kitchen just right, with an increasing number of homeowners choosing to do a complete remodel from the inside out. In fact, 49% of those polled say they are gutting their kitchen and starting from scratch, compared to 42% who are merely updating an existing kitchen. By Janice Costa, writer for Kitchen and Bath Design News Magazine, December 2013

Posted on January 05, 2015.