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Is It Time for a Window Replacement?

Posted on September 26, 2017

Window Replacement in Alexandria, VA

You don't decide to get a window replacement near Alexandria overnight. This is a big decision. New window installation can require a healthy budget, and you need to be sure to get a product that meets your needs. That's why you have to take the time to figure out when a replacement project is right for you.

Think About Age

How long has it been since you replaced your windows? If your current products are over two decades old, it could be a good time for replacement. Older components tend to require more maintenance than their newer counterparts and they are not as energy efficient. While the age of a window may help you make your decision, it usually is not the deciding factor.

Think About Status

The current status of your windows, however, tends to hold more sway over your decision. Are your windows easy to use and maintain? Do they still look good from both the inside and outside? Can you feel a breeze when the panes are closed? If your windows no longer function and have major issues, such as mold or rot, it could be the right time for a window replacement in Alexandria. As you think about the status of your windows, you need to also think of their role in your home. This product should protect the interior of your house while providing security to you and your family. If this role is compromised, you may need to strongly consider getting replacements.

Think About Plans

It's hard to know exactly what the future will hold, but you have to consider your plans for the future as you decide when to get new windows. For example, do you plan on moving sometime soon? If so, it might not make financial sense to replace your windows unless they are deterring potential buyers. Are you excited to watch your family grow in your current house? If so, you may want to get new windows to make sure your home stays functional.

Whether you're sure you want to do a window replacement near Alexandira or you're still on the fence, call Elements Home Remodeling at 703-828-7414 for your free consultation.

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