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How Kitchen Remodeling Can Transform Your Whole Home

Posted on March 22, 2018

Kitchen Remodel by Elements Home Remodeling

When you walk through your house, if it doesn't seem inviting to you, it probably doesn't seem inviting to your guests either. If you want an inviting home to entertain guests in, the room that can make the biggest impact is your kitchen. There are several ways to transform your kitchen from an uninviting space to an inviting place where everyone wants to gather.

What does the color say?

A great way to transform your kitchen which will, in turn, transform all parts of your home, is color. If you have a dark dull kitchen you can change your color to a bright inviting all-white kitchen. White in a kitchen feels clean and fresh. There are choices of cabinets, flooring and even lighting in white. You will enjoy the summer's breeze drifting through your crisp white curtains in your new white kitchen.

Most chefs love a red kitchen. Sometimes you want to express your love of cooking in a bright red kitchen. You can incorporate deep wood tones in your flooring and granite countertops or subtle hints of muted tones and keep the red tone be in the cabinets alone. When your guests walk into your kitchen you get to take them to a place that reminds them of a home in Tuscany or a kitchen in the country.

Designing Spaces

A home can be taken from dark and uninviting to open and welcoming just by changing your kitchen. If you want to tie your kitchen into the rest of your living space, take down that wall that stands between you and that light airy open concept kitchen you have dreamed about. If you don't know where to start, your interior designer at Elements Home Remodeling can always give you several plans that will not only work for you but fulfill that dream that only you see in your mind. Don't worry if you don't have ideas, your designer has lots of beautiful plans to turn your space into the place all your guests want to visit and enjoy.

Flow makes a difference

When you walk through your home do you get the feeling that it just doesn't make sense? Well, this is probably because it doesn't have good flow. It is easy to take a home that doesn't accommodate your family or guests to an easy to entertain in space. When you open your kitchen to the other living spaces in your home, the flow becomes more natural. If you want a good place to start, look at where you cook. Is it an easy to use area? Is it easy to visit with your family? A kitchen island with barstools for guests to sit at while you cook might be a nice addition to the flow. Sometimes, just opening a line of sight to the family area will give a natural flow to a room that, before, was only used for watching television. If you are looking for a more peaceful home that feels calming, ask your designer to change the flow of your kitchen and your whole home will flow better.

At Elements Home Remodeling we are a complete home remodeling company. We have home designers that are always happy to help you find what your home needs to become that dream home that makes your guests feel like they could linger in your kitchen because it feels so inviting. Call us today for your free consultation.

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