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Go From Hating To Loving Your Windows

Posted on May 9, 2018

Window Replacement Northern VA

When Spring rolls around each year, we seem to want to clean up our world. The fresh new feeling Spring brings with it makes us want to incorporate that into our whole world. If you have been inspecting your world, you probably have included your home in that inspection. One thing in a home that gets overlooked is windows. We can hate our windows and still not address them. It's kind of like cleaning the closet; we just sometimes prefer shutting the door because we hate how messy our closet looks. If you have a hate relationship with your windows that makes you want to hide them, a window replacement in Northern VA can turn that hate into love in no time.

Reasons To Hate Your Windows

A really good reason to hate your old windows is that they are backbreaking to open. They stick when you try to open them and then when you turn your back they fall shut. It is like they have a mind of their own. The possibility of throwing your back out or getting your fingers shut in them as they fall is definitely reason to hate your windows. You don't need to feel bad for hating something that is out to hurt you. Okay, maybe your windows aren't out to hurt you but they are a pain to live with. A window replacement in VA will give you windows that open with ease and stay open without you having to risk injury. 

Screaming Windows

Do your windows creak when the wind blows? Maybe they just scream when you open them. Some windows love to creep shut with a long, drawn out, low screech. Just when you think it has stopped it will continue until it is finally shut all the way. You have every right to hate unnecessary noise levels that your windows are causing in your life. The answer is not to turn up your music or shut the windows and turn on the air conditioning. The answer is replacement windows. You can have quiet, noiseless windows that respect your life and don't give you endless headaches. 

Ugly Windows

You try hard to keep your home looking as beautiful as possible. Unsightly, or maybe even ugly, windows can make an otherwise beautiful home seem downright homely. As you drive up to your home this Spring, look at your windows from the eyes of visitors. Do your windows add to the beauty of your home or does their old, tired appearance take away from your home's overall beauty? If your windows are not adding to the beauty of your home, they most likely are taking away from it. Maybe condensation has made it where you can't actually see your windows clearly. Maybe the window sills are unsightly with peeling paint. Then it's time to replace those old tired windows with crystal clear, beautiful windows that will take your home's beauty to a new level.

Now that you have come to the realization that you hate your old windows, it is time to repair your relationship, to one of love for your windows. At Elements Home Remodeling, we are experts in replacing old, hated, inefficient windows with new, energy-efficient windows that you will love. We do quality work and professional window replacements so call today for a free window replacement estimate.

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