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Creating A Dramatic Look With Vinyl Siding

Posted on June 21, 2018

Vinyl Siding Alexandria VA

When you are getting ready to replace your home's siding you'll probably be looking at all the types and styles of siding on the market today. You want something long-lasting and maintenance-free, but you don't want your home to look like everyone else's home. The answer to your dilemma is vinyl siding in Alexandria, VA.


The number one aspect you should think about when making any home improvement is keeping your home precisely the way you want it to look. You can replace your siding to upgrade your home or as an investment, but you should also think about how much you will enjoy the improvements as you make them. Our homes are for us to enjoy every day

Pros vs. Cons

There are pros and cons to sidings. The advantage of vinyl siding is durability and easy maintenance. You don't have to think about it like you do other kinds of siding. There isn't sanding and painting to think about in the future. Vinyl siding is perfect if you want your home to be a particular color and you don't ever want to change it. But what if you want the pros of vinyl siding but the versatility of a paintable siding?


A way that you can accomplish keeping your style and love for a change is to use both vinyl and fiber cement siding on your home. You can use vinyl siding for most of your home, in a color that you know you will always love, then add fiber cement siding on small sections of your home to create texture and a stunning combination of color. Sometimes mixing siding styles can even save you money.

Focal Points

To give your home a dynamic appearance, look for places that you might want a simple splash of color. You can choose a different shade of siding or an easy-to-paint siding for a porch. Painting only a small section will create a dramatic effect without adding costly upkeep in the future. You can choose a different siding for your garage and maybe an area near your roofline. The entryway to your home is a perfect place to select an accent color for your siding. 

Stay With Vinyl

If you love the durability and ease of care that you get when you choose vinyl siding, pick a couple of colors that you like and use the neutral hue on the most significant part of your home and the more dramatic color for accents. You can choose window colors to create an even more stunning look. Making your home eye appealing to you is simple with the help of a siding designer at Elements Home Remodeling.

Creating Beauty

When you think about replacing the siding on your home, you should be excited about the adventure. Home remodeling can be a fun, exciting experience that lets you be creative. Your home is an expression of who you are, so you will want to make choices for your vinyl siding that gives character to your home. Your home will be a thing of beauty when you are involved in each decision for your home remodel project.

At Elements Home Remodeling, we have certified installers for vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. We are excited about every home improvement project we do. We know that your home will undergo a beautiful transformation and we think that is exciting. So when you are ready to give your home a new look, give us a call today, we would love to help you with our many choices of siding and our expert installation.

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