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Covering Outdoor Entertainment Areas Extend Your Summer

Posted on June 14, 2018

Loudoun County Roofing

Summertime is upon us, and it's time to move your fun to the great outdoors. You might have a deck attached to your home or a great backyard, but have you thought about how much more enjoyable and useful that deck or yard would be if you had a covered area for entertaining guests? Elements Home Remodeling, a Loudoun County roofing company, can build a covered deck, porch, or gazebo to meet all your summertime gathering needs.


A deck is an excellent place for summer fun. If you do not already have a deck, you will be pleased with the added space that a deck gives your home. You will like the transition from inside your house to the yard area when you have guests, but the day-to-day use an outside area gives you is often understated. A fresh cup of morning coffee or a late night latte on your deck is such a pleasant day-to-day experience. It can become your new favorite place. Add a roof, and it becomes a whole different place. The addition of a roof to your deck gives you several options that can add diversity to the use of your deck. You can add a hammock to create a comfy hangout spot or a ceiling fan to keep a night breeze circulating. A deck is an excellent addition to almost every style of home.


If you have a more traditional style of home, such as a ranch, craftsman or cape cod, you might want to consider a porch. Porches give a very inviting look to a house. We all love a porch swing to sit in and enjoy summertime. If you already have a porch, you might want to look at the roof and see if you like the style it is. You can change the style of roof your porch has to something more updated and more to your liking with a few changes. Most houses have a porch of some kind, but it is not always the best porch it could be.


A gazebo can be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space. You can choose from a small, sweet hexagon gazebo in the corner of your yard or go all-out with a fully-furnished entertaining area including a fire pit. The options are endless when you build a gazebo. Gazebos are a stunning focal point for any yard. Just be sure that the size of your gazebo matches the size of your yard. 


A patio is perfect if you don't have a lot of space. You can create an intimate area for a variety of uses. A place to curl up with a book or a romantic al fresco dining area. There are so many uses for a patio, it is endless. All that is needed is a little imagination to create a room outside your home that is a perfect getaway. You don't usually think of patios as having a roof, but it is a good idea to add at least a small area that is covered to give shade and protection from a rain shower.

Creating an outdoor space that you can use all summer no matter the weather is a fun, exciting project. Any structure you choose, whether it be a porch, patio, deck or gazebo, adding a roof will give it that all-weather usability. At Elements Home Remodeling, we can build a custom area for your summertime entertainment needs. We will also be happy to reroof your existing structure to give it a fresh, updated look. Our outdoor designers are ready to help you complete your dream outdoor living area. Give us a  call today to get started.

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