The Common Types of House Sidings for Residential Homes
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The Common Types of House Sidings for Residential Homes

If you’re renovating the exterior portion of your home, then you should consider replacing the siding. This is an integral part of the house that protects the walls from water and weather elements. The type of house siding Ashburn you select also influences the property’s overall curb appeal. Ultimately, factors like the type of your home, geographic location, and budget determines the type of siding you go with.

Vinyl is perhaps the most common type of siding and is also the most sought after for its low cost and easy maintenance. While some homeowners may be put off by vinyl’s plastic-like surface, more recent styles replicate the look of more expensive material.

House siding Ashburn may also be made from wood. While wood does require period maintenance, such as staining and sealing, it provides a classic and timeless look. It is especially a nice complement for cottages, bungalows, and log homes. If maintained properly and regularly, wood siding can last as long as the home itself. If going with this option, redwood and cedar are the best choices.

If your home’s exterior contains a good portion of brick, then consider complementing the appearance with brick siding. These come in different styles and textures and are popular for English and colonial cottages. If going with this option, be sure to speak with the supplier and installer to be sure that some form of membrane is used to keep a separation between the siding and wall. This application is necessary because brick is porous and water can seep into the surface and make its way to the wall behind the siding.

Talk to a supplier if you’re looking to fit your home with house siding Ashburn. If you’re current siding is showing signs of wear, then the exterior walls are at risk. This is especially the case if you live in an area prone to rain and high humidity. Durable siding will protect the home while adding visual appeal.

Posted on July 21, 2015.