Why You Should Never Delay Getting a Window Replacement
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Why You Should Never Delay Getting a Window Replacement

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Getting a window replacement in Fairfax is fairly common. Installing new windows is one of the simplest home restorations to undergo. While it can be easy to procrastinate and wait on getting replacement windows, you do not want to risk having faulty, precarious windows in your household.

Higher Energy Bills

A typical issue that plagues older windows is the formation of drafts. You may think your window is sealed tight, but if you are feeling wind coming through it, then you need to swap it out soon. Those cold drafts can cause you to rely more heavily on your home’s heater. That leads to an increase in power costs, so you are spending more money over time. The more cost-effective solution is to replace your window sooner.


Drafts do not only cause higher electric bills. They can also cause you to get sick. Even if all you get is the common cold from a draft entering your home, you are still going to feel cruddy for a week. However, children, senior citizens and individuals with compromised immune systems could be affected more. For the safety of your loved ones, get a window replacement in Fairfax posthaste.

Buildup of Mold

Inefficient windows are also going to develop moisture in higher quantities. That may not seem so bad at first, but if moisture cannot be properly repelled, then over time, you are going to find mold building up around your window frame. Mold can quickly spread to other structures around your house, and it poses a threat to your health. In the event mold develops, you are going to spend even more money removing the mold and replacing your damaged window.

While replacing a window does cost some money upfront, everyone would agree it is preferable to spend a little now than a lot more down the line. Do not put yourself in harm’s way and leave your next window replacement in Fairfax to experienced professionals.

Posted on April 29, 2017.