What Is The Difference Between French Doors and Sliding Doors?
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What Is The Difference Between French Doors and Sliding Doors?

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For easy access between the interior and exterior of your home, you may be in the market for French doors, patio doors or sliding doors. Doors that open to exterior spaces vary from regular doors you use for rooms inside your home. There are many kinds of doors available, with French doors and sliding doors as popular choices for patios. Which kind should you choose for door replacement in northern Virginia depends on convenience and design.

A Look at French Doors

One basic difference between exterior sliding doors and French doors is that the latter open up while sliding doors glide sideways. Many people in the market for door replacement in northern Virginia prefer sliding doors because they conserve space, but others prefer French doors with convenient opening and closing features. French doors are usually two separate doors that are hinged at opposite sides and connect in the middle. They separate when they are opened and closed, but usually seem to form a solid surface. While French doors are often installed to lead to a patio, some are created specifically for use indoors.

What Are Sliding Doors?

As the name suggests, sliding doors move from side to side, and usually are made of a stationary pane and a moveable pane. Sliding doors have the advantage of saving space because they don’t open outward or inward. These doors are often panes of glass with frames of wood, fiberglass or other materials. For your remodeling project, choose sliding doors that are designed to stand up to the elements and blend in with your home décor.

Whether you choose a French door or exterior sliding doors, make sure you work with a company that has extensive experience in door replacement in northern Virginia and stand by their products with a warranty. Do research on the right kind of doors for your home and select the materials and style that best suits your needs.

Posted on July 28, 2016.