Ways to Up Your Home's Window Game
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Ways to Up Your Home's Window Game

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Installing new windows in Northern Virginia makes your home more beautiful, ups its curb appeal and adds to energy efficiency. New windows are great, but you can add to the beauty and curb appeal by switching out your traditional windows for some with a little pizzazz.

Install Bay Windows

Bay windows are fairly common, but they are also quite beautiful and functional. The three separate panels connect together and jut out from the home, giving you a wider view of the scenery surrounding your property. This type of window is also perfect for including a window seat for reading and relaxing. If you need some extra storage, a bench that opens up could easily store extra blankets, sheets, linens or practically anything else you could think of.

Try Porthole Windows

These rounded windows are a perfect addition if you're adding new windows in Northern Virginia. Originally used on ships, today they are also used to accentuate a home. Small versions are often a fun way to add style to a bathroom or kitchen area, while larger ones go well in living rooms and bedrooms of homes with a more modern design. You can choose to install versions that don't open if you purely want decoration, or if you prefer fresh air as ventilation, you can install versions that open.

Consider Awning Windows

Perhaps your home or your grandparents' home had awning windows when you were growing up. Available in single or double pane, these windows have hinges at the top and use a crank to open outward. Commonly found in older homes, they are still a great way to add a bit of old-fashioned country charm to your newer house.

When you need new windows in Northern Virginia, you don’t have to settle on the same style that most other homes have. Instead, choose something that uniquely matches your home and your personality.

Posted on January 06, 2016.