Three Important Elements for a Small Kitchen Remodel
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Three Important Elements for a Small Kitchen Remodel

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The dream kitchen you imagine in your mind might be large and spacious, but sometimes the reality is that you have a small space to create your dream kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work with what you’ve got and create your dream kitchen on a smaller scale. A beautiful, functional, efficient kitchen where you can cook and entertain just as you could in a bigger kitchen is possible. The key is to focus your budget on using the space you have wisely. If you are considering kitchen remodeling in Arlington, VA, or kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, VA, here are a few elements to focus on.

Hanging Storage

Small spaces can feel tight and closed off, which is the opposite of the warm and welcoming kitchen you probably want. One culprit of the crowded look and feel of a small kitchen is overhead cabinets. When you remodel your small kitchen, you may want to consider replacing cabinets with open shelving or other hanging storage options, like magnetic knife holders and pot racks.


The right lighting, including light fixtures, can set the mood for a room. This is especially true for a small kitchen. You may want to consider these creative lighting ideas for your kitchen:

1. Floor lighting

2. Hanging light fixtures above eating areas

3. Incandescent spot lighting to balance fluorescent lighting

High-Quality Finishes

One of the greatest advantages of remodeling a small kitchen is that you need less material to do it, which means high-quality finishes might be more affordable. The cost of the beautiful granite or marble tabletop might be unattainable in a bigger space, but maybe not in your smaller kitchen. These quality finishes can make your kitchen look beautiful and high-end at a fraction of what it would cost in a larger kitchen.

Kitchen remodels aren’t just for large spaces. There are many benefits to small kitchen remodeling in Arlington, VA. By focusing on specific elements that are likely to make the greatest impact, your small kitchen could become your dream kitchen.

Posted on July 10, 2017.