Take Your Roof in a New Direction
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Take Your Roof in a New Direction

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Anyone who has recently gone through the process can tell you that roof replacement in Alexandria, VA requires a lot of big decisions. The single greatest decision you will make in your roofing project is materials. The materials you choose will affect the style, functionality and cost of your new roof. The following will provide you with some basic information on the most common roofing materials to help you decide on which direction to take your new roof.

Not surprisingly, the most common type of roofing material available is asphalt shingles. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive, easy to repair and durable, which makes it an appealing choice. While many people opt for asphalt shingles to save in the upfront costs of their roof replacement in Alexandria, VA, those who do will likely need to replace their roofs again within 15-30 years.

Those looking to construct the longest-lasting roof turn to metal roofing. With a rated lifespan of 50 years or more, metal roofing outlasts most other materials with virtually no maintenance. The drawback, however, is the price: metal roofs are one of the most expensive types on the market.

Of all the available roofing materials, slate is one of the nicest looking and, if properly maintained, can last nearly as long as a metal roof.Unlike traditional concrete tiling, slate shingles are lighter and impose less of a burden on the structural integrity of your house. On the downside, slate is more susceptible to wind- and weather-related damage, such as chipping or cracking.

Finally, wood tiles are a unique option for those who are able to consistently maintain their roofs. While durable and aesthetically distinct, wooden roofs require regular upkeep to prevent moss growth and water damage.

A new roof is a serious undertaking. Before choosing which material is right for your roof replacement in Alexandria, VA, be sure to weigh the cost and benefits of each one. Consult with your roofing contractor to decide which option works best for your situation.

Posted on February 17, 2016.