Questions to Ask Window Companies in Northern Virginia
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Questions to Ask Window Companies in Northern Virginia

window companies in northern Virginia

Deciding to replace the windows in your home is a great first step towards a more beautiful, valuable, and safe home. Your next step is to find the right window companies in Northern Virginia to work with. As you are interviewing various companies for consideration, make sure you are asking them some key questions to gauge their expertise. Here are a few to get you started.

Do You Give Free Estimates?

Never assume that every company will provide an estimate for free. Some will charge for the estimate and then apply the cost of the estimate to the project if you hire them for the job. Home remodeling in Virginia can get expensive and decide before you start whether you can afford the extra cost of having window companies in Northern Virginia charge for estimates.

How Long Have You Been Doing Similar Projects?

You might find a lot of remodeling contractors who have done lots of windows and some window companies that haven’t actually done a lot of window replacements. Just make sure that you ask them specifically about their experience on installations that are relevant to yours.

Do You Work with Your Own Crew?

Some companies work with their own crew of vetted, professional, certified crew members. Others subcontract the window replacement work to other companies or individuals whose credentials you really have no way of verifying. Make sure either way that you know beforehand the people who are going to be working on your property.

What Other Finish Work Do You Provide?

After the project is complete and the windows are installed, you might need to have someone come and repair the trim or siding on the exterior of your home. there might also be paint around the windows that needs to be touched up or redone. Ask the contractor whether they provide this service or whether these post-installation tasks need to be arranged through another company.

Asking the right questions to find the best window companies in Northern Virginia is one of the best things you can do to ensure a quality finish. Keep these questions in mind as you talk to contractors to find the best value.

Posted on October 25, 2016.