How to Tell if You Need a New Roof
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How to Tell if You Need a New Roof

northern Virginia roofing company

Of all the home improvement and maintenance projects that homeowners take on, getting a new roof is probably put off the most frequently. Many homeowners have no idea that they need a roof until it starts leaking. But there are ways to tell if you need to contact a northern Virginia roofing company before the rainstarts falling inside your house.

You should inspect your roof regularly, at least twice a year.Start in the attic, andcheck to see if the roof deck sagsand if there is any water damage or dark spots. An obvious sign that you need a new roof is if you can see outside light shining from the inside. As for the exterior, inspect to see if there are any missing, rotting or buckling shingles. In humid climates, algae growth is a common sign that you may need to replace your roof.It’s also necessary to check for signs of mold. If you find small issues with your roof, they can be patched to prolong its life, and prevent more expensive repairs in the future.You can contact a northern Virginia roofing company for their expertise if your inspection is inconclusive.

A major factor in determining when you need a new roof is what material your roof is made of. Different types of materials have different life spans, especially depending on the climate. For example, a cedar roof can last 20 years while a tile roof can last 100 years when properly maintained. Shingle roofs are the most common in the U.S. and they last between 20 to 25 years.

If you inspect your roof on a regular basis you can protect your home from major damage. Finding small problems before they become largerones enables you to make minor repairs to help your roof last longer before you need a new one. But if you do find that your roof is in need of replacement, don’t hesitate to contact a northern Virginia roofing company.

Posted on December 17, 2015.