Four Types of Windows You’ve Never Considered
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Four Types of Windows You’ve Never Considered

You’ve already decided to invest in new windows or you’ve begun to notice that your old ones are outdated. Instead of spending money on the same old window style, why not investigate some different window ideas? These four window types promise a pleasing look no matter the home they’re installed in.


Whether you are into interior plants or enjoy your framed pictures of family and friends, a garden window is a great addition to any kitchen area. These create a box that extends further than the wall, giving you space to place plants, herbs, pictures, or anything you want on the window sill inside. They let the sun in, too, to give any plants the sunlight they need to survive.


Sliders put the traditional window on its side, literally. This style opens horizontally instead of vertically, giving an interesting look to any room.


For a lot of people looking for new windows in Arlington, VA, rain is very pleasing when they don’t have to get wet to enjoy it. Awning styles are a great way to do this very thing from the comfort of your home living room. The panels open out at the top, which helps to keep the rain out while letting the pleasant smells, sounds, and air in.


When you want to make a smaller room feel bigger or let the natural light in from outside, picture windows are necessary. These are large, flat panels that usually sit between other styles or on its own. They do not open, but allow plenty of light in while providing occupants a great view of the outside.

There are plenty of interesting styles to choose from for anyone looking for new windows in Arlington, VA. Give a facelift to a room or replace them all for energy efficiency. Either way, a good company and some high quality windows are sure to make anyone happy.

Posted on December 15, 2015.