Energy-Efficient Doors in Ashburn
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Energy-Efficient Doors in Ashburn

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The door to your home is the most important portal for security, functionality, and performance. Enery efficiency is vital to this entrance because it is one place where heat loss or gain can occur, thus increasing your utility bills in both the summer and winter. Choose Energy Star technology when you are making a Door replacement in Ashburn.

What Makes a Door Energy Star?

Energy Star is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help consumers and businesses be more energy efficient to save money and protect the environment. It is completely voluntary. Manufacturers must meet stringent requirements to earn the Energy Star approval. TO meet this capability with doors and windows, a product must be:

1. Manufactured by an Energy Star partner

2. Tested independently and verified that it meets the guidelines

3. Have NFRC ratings which meet the EPA guidelines

Doors which are energy-efficient will have multiple glass panes for insulating ability, if the door has a window. The core materials will be the most energy-efficient materials, such as polyurethane or fiberglass to prevent heat loss and gain through the door. Another key element in energy-efficient doors is the tighter fit and improved weather stripping to reduce air leakage around the edges. Update the look of your home, while keeping utility costs at a minimum.

Think Style and Performance

At Elements Home Remodeling, we understand that when you’re renovating your home, you want it to look beautiful. You may not be thinking about making sure your house is energy-efficient. The two are not incompatible, as many manufacturers know that homeowners want personality and need functionality. When looking at Energy Star ratings for Door replacement in Ashburn, you should know that Loudoun County falls in the north-central zone. Much like you would buy a winter coat based on criteria for your climate, you should also choose doors and windows which work more effectively based on the weather patterns in your community.

Posted on April 30, 2016.