Do You Need a Window Replacement?
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Do You Need a Window Replacement?

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Windows are like the eyes of your home and not only determine visibility, but are among its most valuable items. Damaged windows adversely affect the aesthetics as well as the proper functioning of a house, so it is essential to ensure your windows are in good repair. While some problems with windows can be patched up with a few minor touches, window replacement in Fairfax is essential in many cases and preferable to temporary fixes.

1. The Window is Damaged

There may be a fine line between deciding whether to patch up an old window or to opt for a complete replacement. The following common problems with windows may be handled with a repair job:

• Jammed sashes

• Broken spots

• Cracks

However, you should compare the temporary advantages of repairing a window and the benefits of replacing it. If the damage is just a one-time issue that is inexpensive to repair, then it might be worth keeping your windows. However, if the window is decades old or is showing signs of decay, it may be time to consider window replacement in Fairfax.

2. The Window is Old

Window technology has improved substantially in the past decade, so it might be advisable to purchase new windows if they are old. If your windows were installed prior to 1978, they may contain lead materials that are harmful. If maintaining the beauty of your classic home is a concern, there are a many materials that can convincingly mimic the appearance of genuine wooden frames.

3. The Window Wastes Energy

One of the principle reasons homeowners decide to buy replacement windows is to save energy. Your heating and cooling devices work hard, but old windows can permit drafts that let cool or warm air slip away. While insulation is helpful in preventing air from leaking out, one of the most effective ways to preserve energy in your home is by installing high-quality windows. Consult professionals for information on window replacement in Fairfax.

Posted on June 28, 2016.