Best Roofing for Your Home: Metal or Wood?
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Best Roofing for Your Home: Metal or Wood?

Northern Virginia roofing

If you ask a few Northern Virginia roofing experts what the best roofs are made of, you might get a few different answers. The truth is that every house is different, and some home styles work better with one material than they do with another. While metal and wooden roofs are very different, which option you choose depends on a few different factors.


Metal is one of the more durable roofing materials, while with wooden shingles it can depend on the type of wood being used. If the shingles are well made and you’re able to keep up with maintenance, a wooden roof can last around 30 years. That’s assuming, of course, the weather doesn’t get the best of it. With Northern Virginia roofing, snow and heavy moisture have to factor into the equation, so it’s important that your wooden shingles be extremely high in quality. As long as you go with a good manufacture, either roofing material can be very durable.


While many people would instinctively assume that wood is a more attractive option than metal, that’s not always the case. Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles and colors that can match almost any home’s aesthetic. The biggest concern is to match the style in a way that doesn’t compromise structural integrity. Replacing a roof in Virginia is a more exact science than, say, kitchen remodeling in northern VA; while homeowners can have a lot of say in the color and design of the shingles or slates, the look can never come at the expense of sturdiness and durability.

Metal roofs have been rising in popularity and might be the longer lasting of the two choices. Nevertheless, there are plenty of benefits that come with wooden shingles when they’re properly installed. In either case, a quality Northern Virginia roofing company should have both options and will help you decide which is best.

Posted on August 10, 2016.