Add Value to Your Home With Window Replacement
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Add Value to Your Home With Window Replacement

northern va window replacement

If you are thinking about changing your home in northern VA, window replacement is an excellent project that offers a high return on your investment. There are many ways that window replacement can add value to your home.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Older homes may be equipped with single pane windows, which are usually very energy inefficient. Double or triple pane windows that have had damage or that were not properly installed can also let cold air in during the winter months and prevent the hot air from warming the house during the summer months. If you have chosen a home remodeling company to help with your window installation, request a home energy assessment. This can help you determine which windows need replacing the most and how much money you could save with the installation of new windows.

Decrease Pollutants

The amount of sound, dust and odors that seep into your home from the outside can be impacted by the quality of the windows in your home. Just as less energy efficient windows do not control how the weather comes in and out of your house, they also have less impact on reducing pollutants in your home. Newer windows are better at reducing outdoor sounds, keeping dust and and particulate from seeping in on drafts, and at helping to eliminate smog and exhaust fumes from the inside of your home.

Increase Curb Appeal

It cannot be overlooked that new windows can have a significant impact on the look of your home, both on the interior and exterior. Aged casings can be unsightly, and significant damage to a casing could be an indication of water damage creeping into the walls of your home.

If you live in northern VA, window replacement will add value to your home while improving the look of your abode and adding comfort. Consider these benefits and call a local home remodeling company to plan your window replacement soon.

Posted on July 12, 2016.