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5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Posted on February 4, 2018

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At Elements Home Remodeling, we see lots of functional and beautiful kitchen designs. We also see the same kitchen design mistakes over and over. There are many design elements that you might want, or not want, in your own kitchen. Your kitchen should be tailored to your lifestyle and your desires but before you complete your kitchen design layout, let's look at some common mistakes you won't want to make.

Too Little Storage

Cabinets are going to be one of the biggest expenses in your kitchen remodel. This is not a place to skimp and trying to get by with just enough won't work in the kitchen. Cabinets are going to fill a large portion of your kitchen and they are also going to be one of the design elements that can completely make your kitchen work or make it miserable. There are so many functions of a kitchen. We cook, eat, clean, entertain, and work there. For each of these purposes, we need adequate storage. Not having enough cabinets will make your kitchen a disorganized, unhappy place to be. Be sure to allow enough in your budget for plenty of cabinets and a walk-in pantry is a great way to add lots of storage.

Not Enough Workspace

Many homeowners think that a couple of decent-sized work areas are going to be enough. They soon find out that they were sorely mistaken. If you're planning a kitchen remodeling in Ashburn or Arlington, make sure that you included plenty of countertop space. You are going to want multiple places to cook, prepare food, eat and visit. A simple way to make sure that you have plenty of countertop space is by adding an island and a bar to your design layout.

The Wrong Size of Island

When you do add an island and a bar, make sure that they are both beautiful and functional. A small bar that will fit only two barstools isn't going to work if you have a family of five but a large island can overpower a small, cozy kitchen. Be careful that you still have plenty of room to work all the way around your island. Consider placing a bar away from the center of the kitchen where you can have more space. This will give your family and friends a place to sit while you all prepare food and spend time together.

Not Enough Windows

Plenty of natural lighting in the kitchen is a must. Adding lots of new windows to your kitchen design in Arlington will help light up the space, open it up, and give it a beautiful and warm feeling. Don't be afraid to install an entire wall of windows or even a set of French doors or a sliding glass door.

Not Hiring Professionals

Don't make the mistake of wasting more time and money by trying to accomplish such a big task on your own. Our experts at Elements Home Remodeling can provide quality professional installation and we work with top manufacturers. Our design team can help you avoid mistakes that you won't even realize you are making so that you achieve your dream kitchen. Call us today for your free consultation.

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