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4 Flooring Materials To Consider For Your Kitchen

Posted on March 21, 2019

Alexandria VA Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen? What will your floor be by the end of the project?

Your kitchen floor should fit with the style of the space, but it should also be durable and easy to clean. This is even more important than in other rooms of the house, because the kitchen, let's be honest, has plenty of potential for mess. We all know that carpet flooring in the kitchen is a big no-no, but what kind of flooring should you consider? Here are a few options.

Engineered Wood

Hardwood floors are popular in any room of the home. They're sleek and elegant, comfortable and fairly low maintenance. However, they can be damaged by water spills and humidity that might occur in kitchens. That's why engineered wood is often recommended as an alternative. Engineered wood has a wood veneer applied to a plywood-esque base. It more strongly resists the elements and can be buffed and polished as many times as you might need, making it an excellent option for kitchen flooring.


Bamboo is a great option for a household interested in making eco-friendly choices. It's famous for its fast-growing nature, so it's a sustainable material and often looks as stylish as hardwood flooring, with rich grain patterns. This kind of flooring is also exceptionally durable, though sometimes cheaper bamboo flooring has issues with denting easily. You'll want to be sure to choose high quality material if you go with bamboo flooring.


Many homeowners who want a more sleek, modern look to their kitchen will consider concrete flooring, which has its appeal. It's easy to clean and when done right, can look very stylish. However, concrete isn't a great option for those that spend long periods of time in the kitchen, as standing can become uncomfortable. Cork has much of the same stylishly modern appeal — with a little more character to its surface — but it's much easier on the feet. This is another eco-friendly option to consider.


Another alternative to both concrete and cork is rubber. Rubber flooring has many of the same attributes that cork flooring possesses: it's smooth, modern, soft on the feet. However, it often comes with more stylistic options such as color and patterns. It's easy to clean, and it is recyclable for more environmentally conscious homeowners.

Every kitchen is different. Contact Elements Home Remodeling today to discuss kitchen flooring options that might work best for you and get a free estimate for kitchen remodeling.

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