4 Window Styles to Consider for Your Next Replacement
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4 Window Styles to Consider for Your Next Replacement

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Replacing your home’s windows is an excellent move when it comes to improving your house’s overall value and appearance. However, don’t let yourself get roped into the norm during your next window replacement in Fairfax. Instead of simply replacing your existing windows with a newer version of the same type, your home remodeling contractor can help hook you up with dozens of other styles designed to make your home really pop and look its absolute best. Some of the styles that have gained popularity in home design in recent years and can give your home a truly unique feel include:

1. Casement windows have been making a huge comeback in recent years, thanks to the cozy, traditional feel they can offer practically any room. These windows hang on hinges, and swing outward to open rather than sliding up and down. Typically, they allow much more light into a room, and have lower air leakage rates thanks to a tighter sealing process.

2. Bay windows involve a lot of work during installation, but make a bigger statement than any other window type. Typically, these consist of three or more individual windows, two of which are angled against the accompanying wall. They provide yet another excellent way to light up and expand a space.

3. Slider windows are much like double hung windows, but are wider horizontally rather than vertically. Likewise, they open by sliding to the side, rather than moving up and down.

4. Awning windows are much like casement windows, but are hinged at the top rather than at the side. They open outward to form a sort of awning structure. These are often used in modern homes in order to create an interesting way to light a space.

These four window types each have something unique to offer your home, and can work well with practically any style you have in mind. Speak to your chosen professionals about window replacement in Fairfax in order to discuss styles you might find interesting, and learn about even more options available when upgrading your home.

Posted on January 10, 2017.