4 New Windows to Replace Your Boring Ones With
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4 New Windows to Replace Your Boring Ones With

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Looking to give your home a twist without completely compromising its existing character? Investing in window replacement in northern Virginia is an excellent way to achieve this lofty goal. However, this doesn’t mean simply getting a newer, brighter version of the windows you already own and swapping them out. In fact, there are many style options when it comes to replacing your existing windows and adding a little flair to your home. Some of the most popular among modern homes include:

• Casement windows, which swing outward on hinges rather than sliding up and down. These add a timeless feel to any home, and hearken back to a different era. Aside from being stylish, these also offer lower air leakage rates than other options thanks to their firmer, tighter seals.

• Bay windows – or bow windows – are the perfect option for those looking to let a little more light into any space. These generally consist of three or more windows that are arranged in a kind of semicircle that pushes out of the interior space and into the outdoors. These make any room feel larger, and provide a perfect place to relax.

• Awning windows are similar to casement windows in that they swing to and fro rather than sliding, but they’re hinged at the top rather than the side. These are often used to add interesting lighting to distinctly modern spaces.

• Slider windows are similar to traditional windows because they slide to open, but instead of moving up and down, they move side to side. This is an excellent way to add a small twist to your home without introducing too radical of a change.

Each of these stylish options are available for practically any home if you find the right company for window replacement in northern Virginia. Speaking with a professional can help you to uncover even more excellent options for your home, and can help you decide which route to take to achieve your new look.

Posted on September 28, 2016.