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3 Ways Windows Add To An Open Concept Design

Posted on January 30, 2018

Ashburn Kitchen Remodeling

More and more people choosing kitchen remodeling in Ashburn are choosing open concept home designs. Open concept designs are popular for so many reasons. Open concept designs foster togetherness because everyone is gathered in one area and no walls separate. This makes for effortless entertaining and often the food is prepared in the same area that all of the entertaining is done. There are many elements that go into an open concept design in order to achieve the desired feeling and one often overlooked element is the windows.

Windows can be an important component to any open concept design. They can add warmth and light as the sunlight streams in filling up the space. Windows can draw the eye upward or outward to lend to the vastness and grandeur of the space making them the perfect finishing touch (or focal point) for large areas.


Windows add lots of natural light which gives any room an open feeling. This is especially true of open concept designs because there are fewer interior walls allowing for the light to flow out into the space and illuminate it beautifully. Windows make a room feel more expansive as they connect it to the endless outdoors. If you happen to be so lucky as to have a room with a view to show off, large windows are a must. An interesting or beautiful view will draw your eye outdoors, opening up a room even more. Small rooms can't always handle larger windows s or even sliding glass doors but they are perfect for big, open spaces. They can frame the view of the outdoors and make the room feel even larger at the same time.


Two common elements of open concept designs are often high ceilings and open beams. If you are choosing new windows in the Arlington area, floor-to-ceiling windows are an excellent choice. They are a compliment to high ceilings as your eye is drawn upwards already.


One of the biggest problems with open concept designs is that they don't always feel warm and cozy. With the right finishing touches and large picture windows, even expansive rooms can feel charming and inviting. If your open concept design ends up feeling too formal, windows can transform it. Windows can add warmth and appeal to an otherwise stark or dreary room, too.

One of the most common window choices for open concept designs is the bay window. Bay windows not only add character and light but they can also add an essence of tranquility and peacefulness. They entice the viewer to linger and connect with the outdoors while creating an intimate nook for quiet time indoors; the perfect addition to any open concept design.

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