3 Signs Your Front Door Needs Replacing
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3 Signs Your Front Door Needs Replacing

door replacement Northern Virginia

The front door to your Virginia home serves a number of purposes, from enhancing its curb appeal to protecting you and your family from inclement weather. However, you probably do not give it much thought and may not be aware of the signs that indicate door replacement in Northern Virginia is necessary. If your front door is more than a few years old, here are three signs that it is time to replace it.

If you have noticed a spike in your heating bills and drafts in the room just off your front doorway, this is a sign that the door is letting in cold air. Older doors lack the energy-efficient features of today’s models and commonly allow drafts in at the bottom where gaps grow as the house settles. These gaps also allow heat to escape, causing your furnace to kick on more often. A company that specializes in door replacement in Northern Virginia can help you decide what type of energy-efficient door would best suit your home’s needs.

Struggling to lock or unlock your front door may be more than just a stubborn tumbler or a problem key. In fact, it may be a major sign that your door is warped or no longer hangs properly in its frame. If you must lift up on the door handle to work the latch, this is a definite sign of misalignment and possible warping, especially in wood doors.

The final sign that it may be time to call for door replacement in Northern Virginia is if you see growing cracks in your door’s edges, particularly near the hinges. These cracks may cause the door to unexpectedly come off its hinges, causing severe damage to it and the frame. Replacing a cracked door will avoid costly repair bills and keep your family safe.

Replacing your home’s front door can beautify its exterior and lower heating costs. Remember to consider energy costs and which materials will benefit you as a homeowner when choosing a new front door.

Posted on March 14, 2016.