2 Questions to Ask Your Window Installer Before They Begin
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2 Questions to Ask Your Window Installer Before They Begin

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Having your Virginia home’s old windows replaced can eliminate drafts, lower heating bills and beautify its exterior. Once you find a window replacement company in VA that suits your needs, you will probably have a lot of questions for the company representative before the work can begin. It is important to ask the right kinds of questions so the work goes as smoothly as possible; however, here are two questions that are commonly overlookedyet can have a significant impact on how your new windows are installed.

Before any work begins, ask your installer about whether they will handle the disposal of your old windows and any debris created during the process. Not all businesses that deal with window replacement in Northern VA include this service as a part of the installation. If the company rep tells you that debris removal is a part of their service, make sure to ask if there is an extra charge so you are not surprised by it later.

Questions about your windows’ warranty are important not only for your peace of mind but for the life of the work performed, so it is important not to overlook them. Ask your installer about what types of warranties the company offers for their work and whether the windows they install come with separate manufacturer warranties. Some window warranties are conditional upon how they were installed, so be sure to ask if the contractor if the company is authorized to install the window brand you have chosen, as you may get a better warranty.

Any contractor experienced in window replacement in northern VA should be able to answer the above questions and take the time to ensure that you feel comfortable about your upcoming install. Be sure to jot down any important phone numbers and email addresses related to installation and warranties so you can refer to them both during and after the project.

Posted on March 16, 2016.